Christian Louboutin

If there is a designer whose designs are truly instantly recognisable and unique in equal measure, it is the Christian Louboutin. Since the first creation in 1992 when this incredible designer opened a boutique in Paris at 19 Jean-Jacques Rousseau, he has been at the forefront of creating truly magical shoes for men and women. His designs are great and consist of his trademark design, the red lacquered soles. His shoes ooze class, elegance, glamour and wit but also have the ability to be practical or exude a technical proficiency that no other shoe can quite match.

Indeed his signature red soles are so good that every other shoe designer and shoe maker want to use them and hence, Christian Louboutin is often legally defending this design and recently, he won in a case that related to these shoes as his intellectual property in the European Court of Justice. The red soles are synonymous with celebrity and luxury. He has also expanded into handbags, make up and fragrances expanding his luxury brand.

He is an independent artist and although he has reportedly been offered quite a few offers such as to luxury line LVMH, he maintains that, autonomy is part of his process of creating great designs as it allows him to maintain his sanity in the creating process. As a result, the Christian Louboutin Company is privately held and sells up to 800000 pairs of shoes in a year as well as having self-branded stores in 24 countries. The designer has collaborated with other designers such as Alexandeer Mqueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, Victor and Rolf and Lanvin.

With Egyptian blood, Louboutin has always let the artist in him run loose. Indeed, he is not formally trained though he has from an early age spent his time sketching shoes. Even as a teenager, he ran away to India and Egypt returning with fantastic sketches of heels in a portfolio. He was expelled from 3 schools according to reports and at one particular time, he attended Academie d’art Roederer for decorative arts and drawing studies. Before unveiling his boutique in 1992, the designer first worked for Charles Jourdan in Paris then spent some time as a freelance designer creating designs for Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Roger Vivier.

From the classic Pigalle and So Kate styles to new designs, Louboutins with proper care last a lifetime. Based on his belief that his shoes makes a woman sexy and beautiful and elongates her legs, the designer continues to make fantastic shoes.

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