There is no greater enemy than ourselves.


Life is a mascot that we gain as a gift. So let’s take care of her.



There is no storm capable of soaking a man’s dry soul …


If you think that life is bad, if you kill, you will not feel it anymore. (You will not feel anything else to tell the truth).


Think as much as you can about be avoiding, forever thinking.


This life without purpose …
This vision of nothing ….
This feeling of vacuum …
Discouragement …
The boredom ….
The lack of love …
All this is solitude.


Many repudiate those who dance with razor blades or sleep with hand grenades. Although these same human beings do not realize that as they tear hearts apart and manipulate feelings, they become the true repudiation of our society.


My biggest fear has just come true; I feel that I am losing you little by little


When I tried to be happy, I spoiled myself.
When I tried to smile, I cried.
When I loved, I was despised.
When I looked for friends I was abandoned.
When depression came I cried.
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My affection cannot submit
to your lack of affection. Not even the lights of my eyes can be lost in the darkness of your heart, for my verses will not heal my great depression, nor the lack of love that I feel in your heart.


Staying close to someone so depressed is kind of exhausting. You may feel pity, but you cannot ask the person to try to compose himself as well.


“To believe in nothing else is your right, to want to contaminate others with such disillusionment is a heinous crime.”


Patchwork for reuse
Pieces of a confused heart
Pseudo passion
Miranda of emotion
Delirious moment
Devotion without content
Symptoms of depression
Encounter with loneliness
Daring Lost in the immensity
Sublime ….



And just like the phoenix, I died again.



Before you give up, think that you can be someone’s inspiration.



The day wants to smile, raise your head.


If loneliness is to be surrounded by routine, then break it.


Maybe it’s just that, I know very well to hide the pain inside. Or maybe that, those who cared, did not exist anymore.


Lately things have gotten more confusing. I cry inside constantly, as the antidepressant holds the cry out. Willingness to disappear …


The best and happiest moments of my life, I have created all in my thoughts.


Your story will only have a happy ending, depending on the type of script you are writing.


If the smile does not come, then cry. If the tear does not come, then smile.


If the sun does not appear, enjoy the rain.


And in the Dark Ages
I survived the movies and the Cautions!


The cold is not synonymous with loneliness, as the heat, nor is it, of passion.


What is the use of wanting to withdraw from your own life, if you can withdraw that which bothers you?


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