How to Move Out With Your Tenancy Deposit Intact

Tenancy deposit disputes are probably the number one type of landlord-tenant disputes in London. This is, in turn, brings up the issue of end of tenancy cleaning, which is usually the source of these types of disputes. Common tenancy agreements place the responsibility of end of tenancy cleaning on the tenant. A good number of tenants go about it the wrong way, with their landlords disputing the process. The tenancy deposit is usually withheld as the dispute is being settled.

Unfortunately, many disputes end up in the landlord’s favour, with the tenant being forced to do repeat cleaning or forfeit their tenancy deposits. How do you make sure that this does not happen?

Engage professional cleaners

Some people fear that end of tenancy cleaning prices are expensive, and that they can’t afford it with the added financial strain of moving houses. This is a wrong belief. It is possible to get affordable end of tenancy cleaning prices from professional cleaners. There are more cleaning services in London than ever before.  You can get discounted prices by:

  • Asking for referrals from people who have used good and affordable cleaning services
  • Picking and analyzing price quotes carefully. Compare at least 3 cleaning services on the basis of price as well as any value-added services offered
  • Playing off different cleaning services against each other
  • Negotiating hard all the way.

With the high competition amongst professional cleaning services, you can get very good prices deploying the tricks above.

Using checklists in cleaning

Whether you are doing the end of tenancy cleaning DIY, or using professional cleaners, it is important that you have a checklist of all the tasks that are supposed to be handled in end of tenancy cleaning. This is because end of tenancy cleaning goes further than your typical general cleaning. The house should be cleaned from top to bottom. There are lots of places that are usually overlooked in general cleaning that should be handled in end of tenancy cleaning. These include:

  • Dusting the ceiling and removing cobwebs
  • Cleaning under heavy furniture
  • Descaling and cleaning off stains on the bathroom walls, tubs and faucets
  • Degreasing and sanitizing kitchen appliances like the fridge and oven
  • Cleaning stubborn stains on the carpet

Landlord inspection

If you are sure that best end of tenancy cleaning has been handled properly, invite the landlord to inspect the unit before you go. This will avoid getting into disputes later. You can tackle whatever the landlord says has not been done correctly, and walk out with your tenancy deposit.


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