Privacy officer EU and his responsibilities

Privacy officer EU

Why privacy shield is created?

People use the internet and get worried about their privacy and stuff that they share on internet and people who they are connected to. They are afraid that someone might be looking into their files and data to get their personal information. Yes, privacy shield is a filter that is used by websites to collect data from the user. Privacy shield is created to monitor the companies and websites that collect data from an individual. The duty of privacy officer EU is very hard, and EU Council declared Harbor as an invalid way of transferring information between U.S. and Europe, and after that businessman on both side of the Atlantic, the river got worried that what would happen to data transfer between two big states.

Privacy officer EU

U.S. EU worked it out

U.S. government and European council worked on this project and created privacy shield that has a significant role in data transatlantic, and it can also change the way that data is being used. In the principles of the privacy shield, it is stated that companies must post on their website that they are collecting information from the user and then they should notify the user what kind of information they are collected and where it is going to be used in future. They must make available a number on which user can complain and ask a question like privacy officer EU did. And the list of companies will be made available to the public so they can see if the website or company they are using is collecting their information or not. And if the website gives information to the third party then it must also provide the name of the third party on their website.

Privacy officer EU and duties

The chief privacy officer EU is a senior level manager, and he has to make most harsh and quick decisions in short period of time. And privacy office has greater duties the other officers in different companies because on his hand there is personal data of million of people. And he can not afford any mistake so you can they that the duty and responsibilities are big. Privacy Officer of Europe is committed to protecting the data from misuse, and things are going well after privacy shield. As you can say that on data transatlantic is earning $5 trillion per year. So you can think how hard the job of a privacy officer is. He has to keep track of privacy shield and check it time to time and send a report to European councils and government that is it will work longer or not. He had made clear that companies who are going to participate in the shield will have to disclose to their users that they are part of the shield and they are using their information.

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