What are the Best Ways of Caring for Your Christian Louboutin Shoes?

The undeniable lure of Christian Louboutin shoes make them a must-have for many women, who can afford them. Yes, these shoes don’t come cheap. The famous red soles give these shoes a sexy, cool, and out-of-the-world persona. The red soles speak of elegance and a level of stylishness very few shoes can match. It is for these reasons that you have to take good care of the shoes; that is, if you want them to last you a lifetime.

What are the best ways of doing that?

The red soles. Start with that. In fact, all the care tips should begin and end with the red soles. The famous red soles must remain in excellent condition at all times. How do you do that? Well, speak with your cobbler. This shoe professional will help you by fixing red rubber replacement soles on the shoes. You could do it yourself. However, the replacement soles look oh-so-nice when done by a professional.

Focus on the heels too. They are just as important as the red soles. Take care of the heels and they will not disappoint you by looking torn and almost archaic. Ask your cobbler to fix a new pair of heels if the current set seems to be falling apart. Ask the cobbler for new heels whose tips are not different from the previous set. Avoid wearing the heels until they get to the internal metal. If you do, you will have damaged them permanently.

The sound the internal metal makes as it hits the ground will annoy everybody around you.

Not forgetting the fact that you will be drawing attention to your shoes for the wrong reasons.

Christian Louboutin shoes are not designed for a walk – or run – right through the snow. Be extra careful when the weather changes. What happens if it starts to snow while you are in your Christian Louboutins? In such instances, you may have no option than to trudge through the snow with the shoes. However, protect them. You can do that by spraying the shoes with a protectant. Keep a tin (or bottle) of the protectant nearby at all times.

Polish the shoes regularly. After a prolonged period of use, the leather on your Christian Louboutins may start looking worn, torn, and dull. This is not a sign that you need to throw the shoes away. No! What it means is the shoes could do with a bit of polishing. Regular polishing makes the shoes look as good as new. Since the shoes come in different fabrics – such as patent leather and suede among others – ask the cobbler for information on how to clean them.

Take good care of the Christian Louboutin shoes and they will make you look good.

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